What We Do for IT Companies

As your Training Partner we will help you:

Deliver world-class training

We hire the best trainers and develop great courses that really make a difference to the bottom line.

Upsell/Crosssell to Clients

Enable you to sell more to your new and existing clients.

Zero Permanent Overhead

You don’t have to maintain a training department, just call us in when you need us

Develop Bespoke Training

Every client is unique and we will treat them as such. We develop training that shows people how to do their job using the software and use situations that the users will recognise

Present a Deeper Value Proposition

Training ensures that the client will get their value out of the software sooner and increase the RoI.

Making an investment is most often always a risk. The risk is usually around ‘will the product work’, but in the case of software installations it is often not ‘will the product work’ but ‘will my team get the full value out of the package?’ The integration of specialised training takes this risk out of the equation.

Why Training?

Training makes a difference:

  • Efficient use of staff time. The training investment actually reduces ‘downtime’.
  • Cuts out negative ‘coffee area’ chats..... comments such as ‘I’ve just wasted an hour trying to do so –and-so are eliminated.
  • Motivated staff are happier staff.... problems are controllable. Professional trainers are accessible to promptly answer questions and take ‘the heat’ out of implementation situations.
  • If the programme is a ‘roll-out’ across several departments there are two further benefits:
    • Integration support will be professionally managed by qualified trainers with Project Management qualification.
    • Negative vibes do not spread between functions and personnel.