What We Do for End-User Clients

For the organisations that will be using the system

  • We take the pain out of organising a training programme.
  • We take time to listen to your unique requirements and ensure the training is a ‘best-fit’. Every project is overseen by a Director and the consultants will work to your agenda so you can be confident that the training is taken care of.
  • We provide a full service of training development, delivery and administration.
  • Our priority is to achieve your objectives.

A typical assignment constitutes five phases:

  1. Listen
  2. Like each person we train every client is unique. We have worked with organisations large and small, private and public, services and manufacturing and found that no two are the same. We make no assumptions and listen so that we know what the end user requirements are and can meet them completely.

    The first step in any project is to check what the obvious pro and cons are and sometimes it may be clear that training is not needed.

    Our project proposal will include a section with an honest analysis on the impact if no training is done.

    In honesty, we will rarely recommend that no training is needed but we will present the options so that you can make a fully informed decision.

    We will examine your training needs in detail and then develop the training programme. This enables us to compare:

    • Old systems with the new
    • Old business processes with the new
    • Skills levels among the staff

    This means we understand how big the change is for each person and what gaps they have in their skills and attitudes.

    As well as enabling your people to use the new IT system as intended, we form an important communication channel that reduces resistance to change.

  3. Develop
  4. While the new IT system may simply be a tool for the users, the training programme gives the business lots of opportunities to improve their processes and ensure people are doing things the right way.

    We always build our training around your business processes so that your staff are learning how to do their job using the new IT system. Too much IT training involves showing the features of a system which still leaves people wondering how they are actually going to use it.

    "I don't know where to start" is a situation we always avoid.

    Development of your training programme will use our highly successful method of building practical exercises around situations that your teams will recognise, with plenty of repetition to reinforce the learning.

    We can use a variety of training media so that you can benefit from a balanced programme of e-learning and face-to-face training.

  5. Administer
  6. Organising a training programme and getting the right people in the right place at the right time is no trivial task.

    We have done this hundreds of times and can take this job from your shoulders so that you can rest assured that the training will be delivered without a hitch. Our admin team will handle as much of the training support as needed.

  7. Deliver
  8. Our team are hand-picked. They will ensure the learning objectives are achieved and the staff are energised by the process.

    Success is achieved by:

    Preparation of training content and trainers
    Use of appropriate training methods
    Use of relevant training content
    Focus on the trainees' job-tasks
    Focus on the business objectives
    Trainers that understand the trainees' situation

  9. Follow-up
  10. Our methodology and processes ensure that we take regular soundings to ‘test’ understanding and implementation success. This guarantees that we pick up on differing personal training needs promptly.

    We can also conduct training to support business as usual.

    Just-in-Time e-learning modules
    Skill evaluations
    User acceptance feedback
    Top-Up Training
    New Starter training