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Recognising Employee Performance Introduction

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Motivated employees don’t just happen they are the result of effective leadership. 


You will learn how to lay the groundwork for successfully recognizing employee performance, and find out how to identify the recognition methods that your organisation offers. There are suggestions for powerful non-monetary rewards and ideas on how to use the job as a way to recognise and motivate. There are also techniques to help you deliver recognition effectively through coaching and feedback. 

Designed for

Managers and Supervisors who want to improve their understanding of staff performance. 


1 day 


  • Lay the groundwork.
  • Begin with a process.
  • Gather information.
  • Know their own strengths.
  • Sharpen their communication.
  • Know their options.
  • Create a list of rewards.
  • Understand what their company supports.
  • Deliver recognition effectively.
  • Pay attention to their employees.
  • Recognize and reinforce.
  • Demonstrate consistency.
  • Follow up and ask for feedback.


Motivating Employees – 1 day Applying Leadership Basics – 1 day 

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