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Coaching and Counselling Introduction

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It would be naive to think that all employees have the skills necessary to succeed without even being taught them. By learning how to effectively mentor, you can help your employees in the skills they need. 


This course identifies situations in which coaching and counselling are necessary, guides you in planning the actual coaching or counselling session, and provides strategies for success. 

Designed for

All Managers or who wish to help their colleagues achieve their potential 


2 days 


  • Distinguish between coaching and counselling.
  • Determine when to coach or counsel.
  • Coach to improve performance.
  • Counsel to address personal problems.
  • Initiate the process.
  • Focus on action while coaching.
  • Offer empathetic support in counselling.
  • Provide effective feedback.
  • Take advantage of informal opportunities.
  • Ensure a constructive outcome.
  • Be a positive role model.
  • Take disciplinary action.
  • Continue on the path to improvement.


Individual coaching as required 

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