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Setting Performance Goals and Expectations Introduction

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Productive and motivated employees are those who clearly understand what is expected of them in terms of performance and behaviour. 


This course has tools and methods for collaboratively establishing goals and specific performance criteria for all employees. There are tips to help you obtain commitment to the goals and methods to help you review performance goals regularly. It also includes documentation guidelines and techniques to help you get results through effective feedback and positive reinforcement. 

Designed for

All managers who want to be able to measure employees performance. 


1 day 


  • Establish goals for all employees.
  • Institute performance objectives.
  • Identify interests of the employees.
  • Set goals at the beginning.
  • Review performance goals regularly.
  • Continually refine goals and expectations.
  • Meet with the employee to discuss objectives
  • Identify behaviours needed to succeed.
  • Examine performance and assure results.
  • Observe performance and results.
  • Provide regular feedback.
  • Coach, train, and counsel.
  • Conduct a summary review.


Motivating Employees – 1 day Building Effective Teams – 1 day 

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