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Preventing Sexual Harassment for Leaders Introduction

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Leaders have a particular responsibility in preventing sexual harassment, and this course spells out just exactly what their role is. 


They will be given critical information to tell them what the law expects and direction on how to meet these legal requirements. The course provides tools and tips for promoting a harassment-free environment, and suggestions on how to set a positive example for others. It also includes an example of an effective policy statement. 

Designed for

Managers and Supervisors who need to learn more about Sexual Harassment issues. 


1 day 


  • Understand the issue.
  • Know what the law says.
  • Apply the law to his organisation.
  • Assess the work environment.
  • Lead by example.
  • Accept personal responsibility.
  • Share her knowledge.
  • Take all complaints seriously.
  • Influence the organisation.
  • Create a policy.
  • Implement a process to support the policy.
  • Maintain policy standards.
  • Continue to educate and inform.
  • Monitor compliance.


Conflict Intervention – 1 day 

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