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Motivating Employees Introduction

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The difference between a just surviving business and a thriving one is the energy and commitment of its people. A motivated and dedicated workforce is the formula for long-term success. 


This course gives practical suggestions for identifying group and individual motivating factors and mobilizing them to energize employees. There are tools, techniques, and methods for revitalizing the workplace and encouraging initiative in each person in order to move everyone forward. 

Designed for

All managers who want to learn more about encouraging their colleagues. 


1 day 


  • Build a motivating environment.
  • Provide purpose and challenge.
  • Establish a positive environment.
  • Clarify expectations.
  • Assess the impact of the work environment.
  • Respect the employees.
  • Honour employee individuality.
  • Cultivate employee autonomy.
  • Invest in long-term results.
  • Earn the employees' trust.
  • Work on the roots of motivation.
  • Go the extra mile.
  • Lead proactively.


Solving Problems as a Team – 1 day 

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