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Financial Basics for Non-financial Managers Introduction

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This course helps a non-financial manager make sense of the terms and concepts that are used in managing the financial aspects of a business. 


Understand basic financial structure and the financial information you must have to run a business. You will learn how to read financial reports and understand the purpose and limitations of each. You will also get tools and methods to give you a complete picture of your financial position. 

Designed for

All managers from non-financial disciplines that have financial responsibility. 


1 day 


  • Understand financial structure.
  • Look at the big picture.
  • Know the elements of financial change.
  • Apply reporting principles.
  • Know how balance sheets can help.
  • Understand income statements.
  • Plan with the cash flow statement.
  • Interpret a statement of retained earnings.
  • Manage the financial position.
  • Complete the picture.
  • Plan for cash flows.
  • Know the costs they can control.
  • Compute the return of investment.


Understanding and Using Contracts – 1 day 

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