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Creating a Strong Leadership Team Introduction

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In a growing organization the leadership should work together and set the tone for the whole business. 


This course delivers the key elements of how to create a leadership team that is a model for the rest of the organization. The Strategies and Tips are practical tools and methods to create and maintain a shared vision, define roles and responsibilities, and determine mutual goals and priorities. Key Points also include techniques for avoiding power struggles and resolving issues to keep leaders focused and aligned. 

Designed for

Leaders of growing organisations or departments, who want to build an effective management board. 


1 day 


  • Build a solid working relationship.
  • Get to know each other as people.
  • Practice open and honest communication.
  • Do "real work" together.
  • Create and maintain a shared vision.
  • Agree on major results.
  • Agree on the work environment.
  • Define roles and responsibilities.
  • Set up clear procedures.
  • Plan how to communicate.
  • Talk about how decisions will be made.
  • Develop a process for resolving issues.
  • Plan how to monitor and improve.


Developing a Strategic Plan – 1 day Leading Effective Teams – 1 day 

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