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Windows Server Support Introduction

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Windows Server is one of the leading network operating systems. It enables large numbers of PCs to communicate and share resources. It also provides security features and other essential services for networks of more than a handful of PCs. 


This course is a technical overview of supporting & implementing Windows Server. It gives trainees the skills to install, support & trouble-shoot Windows Server in a Domain environment. 

Designed for

System administrators & technical support personnel wanting a detailed overview of Windows Server. It would be beneficial for participants to have attended our " Windows Professional Support" courses but not essential. The combined material covered in the “Windows Server Support Introduction” and “Windows Server Support Advanced” will provide delegates with the necessary knowledge to sit the Microsoft Certified Professional exam. 


Three days 


  • Introduction
  • Windows capabilities
  • Network Organisation
  • Domains
  • Windows features
  • Workstation and Server
  • Windows NT Architecture
  • Hardware Abstraction Layer
  • Kernel
  • The Executive
  • Environment Subsystems
  • Installation Server Software
  • Installation Issues
  • Upgrading
  • Disk partitions
  • Windows applications of the server
  • Troubleshooting setup
  • The Interface and Applications
  • Administrative Tools
  • Managing Users
  • Creating user accounts
  • Account policies
  • User rights, Profiles
  • Auditing
  • Directory Services Database
  • Managing A Domain
  • Server Manager
  • Promoting domain controllers
  • Managing a computer
  • Managing services
  • Administering the Server
  • Control Panel
  • Windows Explorer
  • Shared Directories
  • Network Application Folders
  • Connecting to network drives
  • Printers
  • Managing devices
  • Options for the Operating System
  • Configuring the network
  • Directory replication
  • Managing services
  • The Registry
  • Examining & changing the Registry
  • File Systems
  • System files
  • Creating NTFS partitions
  • Administering disks
  • Securing Directories and Files
  • Profiles
  • User profiles
  • Windows 95 profiles
  • System policies
  • Windows Boot Sequence
  • Windows Security
  • Net logon service
  • Account synchronisation
  • Account management
  • Identification and authentication


Windows Server Support Advanced - 2 days 

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