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Windows Professional Support Introduction

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Windows Professional is the leading operating system for networked PCs. As well as providing a user-friendly interface it enables the PC to communicate with the network it is connected to. 


To give delegates the skills to install, support and trouble-shoot Windows Professional in a stand-alone or network environment. 

Designed for

System administrators & technical support personnel wanting a detailed overview of Windows Professional. No previous knowledge assumed, though a working knowledge of Windows, DOS & networking is an advantage. The combined material covered in the “Windows Professional Support Introduction” and “Windows Professional Support Advanced” will provide delegates with the necessary knowledge to sit the Microsoft Certified Professional exam. 


Three days 


  • Introduction
  • Windows design
  • Server/Workstation compared
  • Workgroups and domains
  • Planning
  • Sharing Application Folders
  • Common Access Folders
  • Installation
  • Installation methods & processes
  • The Interface and Applications
  • Desktop, the Start Menu & Task Bar
  • Applications
  • Security
  • User accounts, Groups, Profiles
  • Deleting & disabling user accounts
  • Account templates
  • Account policies
  • User Rights Assignments
  • Security Policies
  • Security Analysis and Configuration
  • Configuration Methods
  • Registry
  • Control Panel
  • MMC
  • Network settings
  • Joining workgroups and domains
  • Configuring the display
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Disk Management
  • Trouble Shooting Hardware
  • File Systems
  • FAT file system
  • NTFS file system
  • Long filenames
  • Managing Files
  • Implementing NTFS security
  • User & Group permissions interaction
  • Ownership of directories and files
  • Network Resources
  • Permissions on shared directories
  • Default administrative shares
  • Local vs. shared permissions
  • Windows Networking Environment
  • Built -in network component
  • Network protocols
  • Distributed processing
  • File and print sharing components
  • Installing network components
  • Printing
  • Windows Printing model
  • The print processor, the print spooler
  • Printer Pooling
  • Windows print monitors
  • Print Manager
  • Booting Windows Professional
  • Files required Boot sequence
  • LastKnownGood configuration
  • Boot sequence troubleshooting
  • BOOT.INI troubleshooting
  • Tips and Shortcuts


Windows Professional Support Advanced - 2 days 

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