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Windows Introduction for Users

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Windows is a graphical interface that makes the PC significantly easier to use. It is also customisable, allowing the user to set it to suit their working environment. 


To familiarise participants with Windows, explaining the terminology and concepts. Attendees will be able to use Windows effectively and confidently to perform document management on their return to the office. 

Designed for

Those unfamiliar with Windows, particularly those who will be attending other Windows-based courses in the future. 


Half day 


  • Introduction to Windows
  • Getting Help
  • Mouse techniques & basic skills
  • Terms and Concepts
  • The Desktop
  • Using the Taskbar
  • Menus
  • Windows
  • Dialog boxes
  • Context menus
  • Cut, Copy and Paste
  • Manipulating desktop elements
  • Creating shortcuts
  • Document Management
  • Opening documents
  • Creating new documents
  • Creating folders
  • Copying and moving files
  • Windows Explorer
  • Recycle bin
  • Printing and Printers
  • Checking the print queue


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