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Novell GroupWise Email Introduction

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Novell GroupWise is an integrated E-mail, calendaring, scheduling and task management package. It enables users to send electronic mail, schedule meetings and track assignments throughout the organisation. 


A comprehensive insight into the main features of using GroupWise for e-mail. The knowledge gained will enable students to become immediately effective on their return to the office. 

Designed for

New users of GroupWise. Participants should have attended our “Introduction to Windows” course or attained a similar level of proficiency. 


Half day 


  • Introduction
  • Accessing GroupWise
  • GroupWise screen layout
  • Menus and dialog boxes
  • Sending Messages
  • The Out Box
  • Preparing a mail message
  • Sending a mail message
  • Attaching files to a message
  • Mailing Lists
  • Retract unopened messages
  • Check outgoing mail - has it been delivered, open or deleted?
  • Receiving Messages
  • The In Box
  • Reading mail messages
  • Replying to a mail message
  • Forwarding a mail message
  • Managing Mail Messages
  • Creating Folders
  • Filing messages in folders
  • Sorting messages in folders
  • Deleting mail messages
  • Printing mail messages
  • Folders
  • Folder Properties; Display Properties
  • Sharing Properties; Discussions
  • Deleting a Folder; Filters


Novell GroupWise Scheduling – � day 

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