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Microsoft Word Advanced

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Microsoft Word is one of the world's best selling Windows word processors. This latest release takes full advantage of the Windows environment, offering a full range of WP facilities, graphics integration and linking to other Windows products. 


To consolidate and extend existing knowledge of Word and to be conversant with the advanced formatting features and tools. 

Designed for

Existing users of Word. Participants should have attended our "Word Intermediate" course or attained a similar level of proficiency. The material covered in the Word Advanced will provide delegates with the necessary knowledge to sit the MOUS Word Expert exam. 


One day 


  • Review of skills
  • Editing large documents
  • Outline View
  • Creating and using styles
  • Applying Outline Numbering
  • Sub-documentation & Master Document View
  • Using section breaks
  • Contents Tables and Indexes
  • Advanced Mail Merge
  • Editing data sources
  • Sorting and filtering records
  • Conditional (If…then…else) merge
  • Fields in Templates
  • Recording and running Macros
  • Creating and using Forms
  • Customising Toolbars and User Options
  • Advanced Tables
  • Converting tables to text
  • Converting text to tables
  • Calculations in tables
  • Table headings
  • Reviewing Documents
  • Graphics and Desktop Publishing
  • Object Linking and Embedding


Word Macros and VBA Programming Introduction – 1 day Individual consultancy and tuition as required. 

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