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Microsoft SQL Server Support Introduction

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Microsoft SQL Server is an enterprise level relational database management system (RDBMS). It is suitable for databases where users are accessing the database simultaneously. 


This course provides students with the knowledge and skills required to administer, and troubleshoot the client-server database management system of Microsoft SQL Server. 

Designed for

This course is designed for analysts, consultants, programmers, administrators, managers, developers and others who are new to SQL Server, as well as those evaluating SQL Server. Familiarity with relational databases is required. 


Three days 


  • Creating databases with Enterprise Manager
  • Adding primary and foreign key constraints to tables
  • Retrieving data using Query Designer
  • Establishing security permissions
  • Performing backups and recovering from disasters
  • Importing data from text files using DTS
  • Replicating data with merge replication
  • Generating HTML files from triggers
  • Developing a database maintenance plan
  • Defining alerts and notifications
  • Building a cube and dimensions with Analysis Services
  • Analysing multidimensional data in a pivot table
  • Using HTTP to extract XML data from SQL Server
  • Implement a database schema with SQL Server Enterprise Manager
  • Retrieve and modify data with SQL tools
  • Administer databases with wizards
  • Replicate data between databases
  • Perform multidimensional data analysis using Analysis Services and Microsoft Excel
  • Query SQL Server from the Web using XML
  • Migrate data from diverse sources with DTS
  • Participants submitting an XML request to SQL Server 2000.


Microsoft SQL Server Administration – Five days 

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