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Microsoft Outlook Intermediate

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Microsoft Outlook enables users to compose, send and read messages, manage messages, appointments, meetings and events, and create and manage tasks, contacts and notes. 


To be familiar with the scheduling features of Outlook. To introduce users to Outlook - Calendar, Tasks, Contacts & Notes 

Designed for

Existing users of Outlook. Participants should have either attended our "Microsoft Outlook Email" course or attained a similar level of proficiency. 


Half day 


  • Further Email
  • Archiving mail messages
  • Viewing other people’s mail folders
  • Changing access rights to mail folders
  • Scheduling Appointments, Meetings, Events
  • The Calendar Screen - Day, Week & Month View
  • Moving to a Specific Date
  • Adding, Editing & Moving an Appointment
  • Adding Recurring Appointments
  • Inviting Others to a Meeting
  • Working with Meeting Requests
  • Viewing other People’s Appointments
  • Changing access rights to Appointments
  • Scheduling Events
  • Printing Your Schedule
  • Working with Tasks
  • Creating and Editing a Task
  • Assigning a Due Date to a Task
  • Changing the Status of a Task
  • Tracking the Status of Tasks
  • Assigning a Task to someone else
  • Tracking Assigned Tasks
  • Working with Contacts
  • Creating a Contact
  • Viewing and Editing Contacts
  • Removing a Contact
  • Sending Messages to a Contact
  • Scheduling a meeting with a Contact
  • Assigning a Task to a Contact
  • Creating a Letter to a Contact
  • Working with Notes


Individual consultancy and tuition as required. 

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