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Microsoft FrontPage Introduction

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FrontPage is the web-page and web-site design tool from Microsoft. As part of Microsoft Office it enables users to create their own web-pages and –sites. 


A comprehensive insight into the main Microsoft FrontPage features. The knowledge gained will enable students to create their own web-site on their return to the office. 

Designed for

This course is designed for web page content creators. Participants should have a working knowledge of Word or PowerPoint gained from prior attendance on a training course or from a user environment. 


One day 


  • Installation and Configuration Overview
  • Web Pages
  • Planning a Web Page
  • Creating a Web Page
  • Creating a Frames Page
  • Links
  • Linking Pages
  • Testing Links in Browser
  • Looking at Hyperlinks
  • Enhancing Web Pages
  • Applying a Background
  • Inserting a Word Document
  • Formatting a Web Page
  • Making a Company Personnel Page
  • Inserting Photographs onto a Web Page
  • Inserting a Video
  • Tables
  • Inserting a Table
  • Formatting a Table
  • Forms
  • Creating a Form
  • Adding a Drop Down Box to a Form
  • Web Sites
  • Bookmarks
  • The Navigation View
  • Inserting Email Option
  • Amending a Web
  • Submitting a Web to Search Engines.


Microsoft Frontpage Advanced – 1 day 

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