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Microsoft Access Intermediate

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Microsoft Access is a very powerful database tool. Developers may have some experience of create Access databases, but need to learn more in order to improve their work and the efficiency of the data processing. 


Using Access to create more sophisticated databases for personal and small workgroup use. This course is aimed at people who have some success in creating simple Access databases, and want to learn how to make more powerful and easy to use databases. 

Designed for

Existing database developers who want to improve the data processing in their databases. Delegates should understand the concept of enforcing referential integrity before attending this course. 


One day 


  • Tables
  • Review of Field Properties.
  • Input masks.
  • Importing and Linking data.
  • Look-ups.
  • Indexing.
  • Forms
  • Advanced use of Design View (Field list, tab order, properties).
  • Look-ups.
  • Calculated fields.
  • Multi-table forms.
  • Finding records.
  • Command buttons.
  • Expression builder.


Access Advanced – one day Access VBA Programming – two days 

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