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Microsoft Access Advanced

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Microsoft Access is one of the world’s leading desktop database programs which takes full advantage of the Windows environment. 


To build on existing knowledge of Access XP, giving users further understanding to a level of competence sufficient to produce sophisticated database applications for others to use. 

Designed for

Database developers who want to improve the reliability databases and the user interface for use by teams of people. 


One day 


  • Review of Basic Skills
  • Database design objectives
  • Creating a relation model
  • Creating tables
  • Forms
  • Creating a linked form
  • Calculated fields in forms
  • Expression builder
  • List boxes and combo boxes
  • Option fields & groups
  • Buttons
  • Check boxes
  • Querying the Database
  • Using different table join-types
  • Action queries
  • Find duplicate
  • Find unmatched
  • Reports
  • Multiple table reports
  • Controlling Grouped reports
  • Calculated fields
  • Summary fields
  • Macros
  • Using command button wizard
  • Using a macro to open a form


Individual consultancy and tuition as required 

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