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Lotus Notes Application Development

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Lotus Notes enables users to work as a team to manage and share information within organisations and between different organisations across geographical locations. 


This course provides a solid foundation in Notes database design for the Application Developer. Designed for core programming team members, the course moves quickly through each fundamental aspect of building Notes applications. 

Designed for

Delegates should have attended a Basic Notes concepts course or have at least 3 months experience using Notes. A working knowledge of writing worksheet formulae and a high level programming language is highly recommended. 


Two days. 


  • Designing and creating a Notes database
  • Using Templates
  • Folder and security considerations
  • Creating databases without templates
  • Creating Fields Forms and Views
  • Naming conventions and considerations
  • Field types and properties
  • Creating views
  • Creating basic formulas
  • Enhancing Forms
  • Using subforms
  • Using layout regions
  • Using collapsible sections
  • Working with Views
  • Sorting and categorising views
  • Multiline features
  • Selective view formulae
  • Indented response columns


Individual consultancy and tuition as required. 

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