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Lotus 1-2-3 Macros

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Lotus 1-2-3 is one of the world's best selling software packages, comprising spreadsheet, graphics and database functions. This latest release takes full advantage of the Windows environment. 


To be able to automate your work by: creating macros and custom menus using the recording facility and macro command language of Lotus 1-2-3. 

Designed for

Existing users of Lotus 1-2-3. Participants should have either attended our "Lotus 1-2-3 Advanced" course or attained a similar level of proficiency. 


One day 


  • Introduction: illustrating how they can automate your work
  • Recording, editing and debugging macros
  • Creating a customised menu
  • Creating Macro Buttons
  • Branching and looping macros
  • Designing menu-driven programs
  • Programming using sub-routines
  • Advanced macro commands
  • Use of 3D in macros
  • Creating automatically executed macros
  • Easy macros with playback and copy facilities


Individual consultancy and tuition as required 

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