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Dreamweaver MX Introduction

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Macromedia Dreamweaver is a leading web-page, web-site and HTML editor. It’s sophisticated tools make it a first choice for many professional web designers. 


To enable trainees to use Dreamweaver to create and publish impressive web-sites. 

Designed for

New users who wish to create web-sites for professional purposes. Trainees should have familiarity with Windows, and some understanding of HTML would be an advantage but not essential. 


2 days 


  • Workspace
  • Select elements
  • Object palette and object files
  • Create a new object
  • Property inspector
  • Launcher
  • Page Properties, backgrounds and colours
  • Save and transfer page settings
  • Change the default document
  • Preview in browsers
  • Check download time and size
  • Formatting
  • Apply paragraph and heading tags
  • Change font characteristics and combinations
  • Change the font colour and define default text colours
  • Images
  • Image overview
  • Inserting and aligning an image
  • Image properties
  • Creating image maps and using Image Map Editor
  • Site Management
  • Site structure and navigation overview
  • Create a local site
  • Create links between documents
  • Use named anchors for navigation
  • About checking in and checking out files
  • Templates
  • Create and apply templates
  • Using library items
  • Tables
  • Inserting and modifying a table
  • Add a table within a table
  • Add a graphic to a table
  • Style Sheets
  • Create external style sheets
  • Redefining HTML tags
  • Define the class tag
  • Uploading
  • Upload to a Website
  • Use check in and out
  • Linking
  • Link to other pages
  • Link to other web sites


Individual consultancy and tuition as required. 

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