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CorelDraw Introduction

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Corel Draw is a complete solution to your presentation problems, producing a wide variety of business graphics within minutes. It can be used to design presentations and overhead slides, enhance reports and create free-standing slide-shows. 


To produce a wide range of business graphics; create and customise a Screen Show and to be conversant with many of the advanced features. 

Designed for

New users of CorelDraw. Participants should have attended our "Introduction to Windows" course or attained a similar level of proficiency. 


Two days 


  • An introduction
  • Areas of the screen
  • Editing basic images
  • Using the basic drawing tools
  • Printing
  • Adjusting line and fill styles
  • Accurately moving, rotating, skewing & mirroring images
  • Working with duplicates and clones
  • Adjusting the order of images on the screen
  • Align images
  • Creating and editing artistic text
  • Fitting text to a path
  • Working with rulers and guide lines
  • Working with paragraph text
  • Working with the perspective function
  • Working with the blend roll up
  • Working with the envelope roll up
  • Working with the extrude roll up
  • Working with powerlines
  • Working with lens
  • Working with powerclip function
  • Using the symbol library
  • Grouping, combining and welding images
  • Explanation of all relevant pull down menu commands


Individual consultancy or training as required. 

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