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Adobe Illustrator Introduction

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Illustrator is a leading graphics package. It is used by people who need to create professional looking graphics for printing or the web. 


This course is designed to give delegates a good working knowledge of Illustrator and once completed, they will be able to create illustrations using layers, colour, filters and text. 

Designed for

Users new to Illustrator. No previous graphics experience is required, but trainees should be familiar with Windows and using a mouse. 


One Day 


  • Introduction To Illustrator
  • Open/Close/Save Files
  • Viewing
  • Drawing Basic Shapes
  • Filling And Stroking
  • Introduction To Paths
  • Moving And Copying Objects
  • Rules And Guides
  • The Pen and Text Tools
  • Simple Type Attributes
  • Bezier Curves
  • How To Draw Curves
  • Tracing Around A Template
  • Transformation Tools
  • Control Palette
  • Other tools
  • Simple Text Effects
  • Text On A Path
  • Importing Text
  • Constraining Text To A Shape
  • Formatting Columns And Paragraphs
  • Type Around A Circle
  • Turning Text Into Outlines
  • Printing
  • Document And Page Setup
  • Page Tool
  • Separations
  • Checking The Appearance
  • Trapping
  • Setting Crop Marks


Individual consultancy and tuition as required. 

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