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Access VBA Programming Introduction

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Microsoft Access is one of the world’s leading database packages. Good databases can become brilliant systems when VBA is used to customise what it does. 


To teach the basics of Visual Basic programming within Access including automatic/background processing of data. The trainees will learn how to create a Wizard, interact with the user, process data in the background and run queries from user input. 

Designed for

Experienced users of Access. No previous experience of programming is required. 


2 Days 


  • Programming Basics
  • The Visual Basic Editor
  • Objects & Properties
  • Methods & Arguments
  • Message Boxes
  • Input Boxes
  • Include comments
  • Event Driven Procedures
  • Variables
  • Create variables
  • Variable types
  • Setting variables
  • Scope of Variables
  • Data Processing
  • Find records
  • Update records
  • Recordsets
  • Create recordsets
  • Loops
  • Edit and Update Records
  • Query by Form
  • SQL
  • The Querydefs collection
  • Advanced Programming
  • Debug
  • Calling Procedures
  • Trapping Errors
  • Passing variables to other procedures


Individual consultancy and tuition as required 

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    £70 per head

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