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Information Technology Systems Roll-Outs

Black Swan bridge that gap between IT systems and the people that have to use them.

People are a key element in making a system work. Without including the people in the change it’s like giving someone an electric toothbrush which they use manually because they don’t know how to turn it on.

  • What makes a great roll-out?
  • What bridges the gap between the IT and the people?
  • How can we reduce ‘downtime’ after a new system is implemented?
  • How can we keep productivity up?
  • How can we increase the enthusiasm of our people?
  • What helps our staff to understand why we are changing?
  • How can we ensure the system works?
  • Answer: TRAINING

Organisations that think their people are important will consider their staff and train them.

Our training will ensure that your people know how the new IT system fits in to their job and focus on the tasks they have to do. This means that the system is operated in the way it was designed and, therefore, produce the results that you are expecting.

Training should be a headline message and not an afterthought in your mind because the people are a key element in the system as a whole. Hardware and software will do nothing without a person to operate it - and they need to operate it correctly.

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