Tutor-Led Training Options

Black Swan’s trainers are selected as much for their training ability as their knowledge of the subject. By choosing to use a tutor you get a flexible trainer who can respond to each trainee’s ability, feelings and requirements. We take full advantage of that flexibility by offering you the chance to select the methods for the training. Our tutor-led courses use the courseware developed by GlobalDebut. This material consists of a User Guide and practical exercises that have evolved through more than 15 years of use across a variety of training environments.


Black Swan's group training methodology has been proven over 15 years of use and incorporates lots of practical exercises and reinforcement of previous skills.

For IT skills we do not recommend classes larger than six or eight, but business skills benefit from the interaction of around 10 people.


Surgery sessions are very popular with experienced trainees. They consist of short, one-to-one coaching to overcome particular obstacles. They are useful when the person is comfortable with the subject but feels that “there must be an easier way” or wants to solve a particular problem.


Sometimes a team of people need to learn a particular skill. A workshop provides the environment where a group of trainees can debate with the trainer how best to solve the business problem. Although the trainer will have a plan these are less structured courses.


Many organisations find floorwalking a great just-in-time training solution. While working at their desk, the trainee can get assistance with the task they are involved in at the time. Black Swan’s trainer can see exactly how the trainee works and provide practical advice to improve their productivity.