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  1. Microsoft Office: Flowcharts

    Welcome to this month's Hot Tip from Black Swan Training Solutions. This time we are going to look at creating flowcharts using the drawing tools in Microsoft Office.

  2. Parsing and Concatenation

    This time we are going to look at parsing and concatenating in Excel, but first we'll explain what these words mean.

    Parsing is used when you want to split some data into two (or more). The most usual use of this in Excel is if you have someone's full name in a cell, and you want to divide it and have the first name in one cell and surname in another.

  3. Access: Data Entry

    Welcome to the latest Hot Tip from Black Swan Training Solutions. This time we are going to look at how you can speed up your data entry in Microsoft Access.

  4. Excel: Custom Lists

    Today we are going to look at creating lists that you can then use with the AutoFill handle to quickly enter into your spreadsheet. This will save you having to type a list of customers, departments, towns that you use on a regular basis.

  5. Outlook: Tasks

    This month we are going to talk about the Tasks list in Microsoft Outlook and especially assigning tasks to other people.

    This is a less used area of Outlook compared to email and the calendar, but is very useful nonetheless.

  6. Word: Object Browser

     To start the year off we are going to look at a great way of scanning through your Word documents for particular things.

    To try this out open a long document (If you have one) that has some pictures, tables or you have used heading styles .

  7. Powerpoint: Animation

    Because of the festive season and all the pretty decorations to go with it, we are going to look at animation effects and tricks in PowerPoint, including making a light flash.

  8. Paste Special

    This time we want to show you how to use Copy & Paste and Cut & Paste in Special ways.

    Normally when you paste the original is reproduced in every respect, but you can choose to paste in particular ways using Paste Special. For example, you can choose to Paste the text without the formatting, or the formatting but not the text.

  9. Writing a Presentation

    This time we are going to talk about presentation content and writing it in PowerPoint.

    The written content is the most important part of your presentation. Illustrations, colours and animation can make the difference between a good and a great presentation, but they are icing on the cake. (They can also ruin it, but that's another story).

  10. Word: Outline Numbering

     Outline numbering is used in documents that need paragraphs numbered with one style (eg 1, 2, 3...) and sub-paragraphs in another (1a, 1b, 1c....). These might be reports, meeting minutes or legal documents. There are lots of styles to choose from (numbers, letters, roman numerals) but it is often difficult to mix outline numbered sections of your document with sections that are not numbered.

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