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  1. Microsoft Office: Format Painter

    This month we are going to look at a feature that's available in all the Microsoft Office products - Format Painter.

    This enables you to copy what text, a cell or a drawing object looks like, which saves you the effort of repeating you commands in different parts of your work.

  2. Office: Customising toolbars

    If you have some commands that you use on a regular basis that you have to go the long-winded, dialog-box way to invoke you will be able to make your life easier by adding a button for it onto the toolbars. For example, to apply a Style in Word, or to set the Print Area in Excel, there are quite a few mouse clicks to open the dialog box in the correct place and apply what you want.

  3. Excel: Date Differences

    This month we are going to look at how you can use Excel to calculate time periods such as ages of invoices and people.

  4. Word: Paragraph Formatting

    This time we are going to look at the a couple of hidden aspects to Paragraph Formatting in Word including something we don't expect any of you to know already!

  5. Windows: Favourites

    We all have information sources that we return to again and again and you are probably aware that there is a list of Favorites in Internet Explorer. This is a list of the web pages you want to return to.

  6. Nudging Graphics

    This month we are going to look at moving graphics in your documents, and getting them just in the right place by nudging them.

    As you know, you can position pictures, clipart, charts, etc by dragging them into place. But, do you sometimes find that they seem to jump from one place to the next and the position you want is between the two?

  7. Access: Input Masks

    Users of Access have probably used Input masks even if you haven't realised what they are called. The most common Input Mask is used in date fields to make sure you enter the date in the correct format. If you have moved to a date field and it displays something like this __/__/__ it is the Input Mask specifying that you must enter the date in three pairs of numbers ie. dd/mm/yy.

  8. Word: Removing Items from the Work Menu

    In the last Hot Tip we showed you how to add the Work menu to Word so that you can quickly get to documents you use regularly, but not necessarily recently.

  9. Word: Work Menu

    This Hot Tip looks at ways of quickly returning to existing documents in Word instead of having to go the long way through the Open command.

  10. Word: Quick Typing

    This month we are going to look at a quick way of using abbreviations to type phrases you commonly use.

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