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  1. November Black Swan Newsletter

    In this months' newsletter we:

    * Tackle probably the most serious pain in your working life: the unmanageable inbox

    * Cover how an early economist called Pareto can teach you a thing or two about efficiency

    * Talk about 'Cloud Computing' and suggest some great services you can use today


  2. Run Your Inbox Or It Will be the Ruin of You

     There's nothing worse than having an inbox that drives you to distraction. Full of emails, many of which are irrelevant, it hangs over you like a dark thundercloud. However, don't despair, we've got seven foolproof ways in which you can take charge of Your inbox.

  3. Achieving More With Less IS Possible

    Has anyone heard of an Italian called 'Vilfredo Pareto'? Or even the Pareto Principle? If not, then you're not alone. You may not know the name, but you might know the principle.

  4. October Black Swan Newsletter

    The October email newsletter covers:

    * Make Your Spreadsheets Work For You

    * Don't Call me 'Madman': Great CV Blunders

    * Why Training Needs Attention!


  5. Some Great Missed Mistakes Found in CVs

    When it comes to writing your CV, automated spelling checks can be your best friend and worst enemy.

  6. Conditional Formatting - Make Visual Sense of Excel Spreadsheets

     With large Excel spreadsheets the most important information can get lost. Picking out the 'problem' number can be difficult without highlighting. Our tips on Conditional Formatting show you the quick route to highlighting numbers to make your spreadsheets work for you.

  7. September Email Newsletter

    The September email newsletter covers:

    * Priority Inbox? Wasn't That Invented Some Time Ago?

    * Do You Put Clients First? Check Our Tips

    * Google Instant Search: We Ask "Why?"


  8. You Can Manage Your Own Prioity Inbox in Outlook

     Gmail's Priority Inbox is a great advance for Gmail users, but can Microsoft Outlook offer a better solution for business users?

  9. How to Put Your Clients First...

    Small but subtle differences in the way you interact with clients can make all the difference when it comes to securing new business opportunities.

  10. Outlook 2010: Shortcut Tips

    One of the most frustrating parts of working with software is getting to know your way round the interface. Not just time taken, but also the disruption to work flow and breaking of concentration. You should not need to think hard about something which should be intuitive.

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