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Outlook 2010: Shortcut Tips

One of the most frustrating parts of working with software is getting to know your way round the interface. Not just time taken, but also the disruption to work flow and breaking of concentration. You should not need to think hard about something which should be intuitive.

Software companies have recognised this issue for many years, and most offer keyboard-based shortcuts to save time. However, apart from Ctrl+C (Copy) and Ctrl+V (Paste) these are rarely promoted and therefore underutilised, if used at all.

When trying to navigate round new software, it can be even worse. Take Outlook 2010: it takes time to acclimatise to the messy user interface and cumbersome ribbon. We therefore recommend investing your time in using shortcuts which will make life much easier.

These Will ALL Save You Time... 

Here are keyboard shortcuts that are worth using with any version of Outlook and will serve you very well if you move to Outlook 2010.

Ctrl + N Creates a new item based on the folder you are in. If you’re at Inbox it will make a new message. In Calendar it’ll open a new appointment.

Ctrl + R replies to the current message

Ctrl + Shift + R replies to All for the current message

Ctrl + F forwards a message

Ctrl + Shift + M starts a new message regardless of the folder you are in.

Ctrl + Shift + A starts a new appointment regardless of the folder you are in.

Ctrl + 1 jumps to Inbox

Ctrl + 2 jump to Calendar

Ctrl + 3 jumps to Contacts

Ctrl + 4 jumps to Tasks

Ctrl + 5 jumps to Notes

These were all on the ‘Go’ menu of previous versions of Outlook so now the Go menu has gone (well, it was called 'go'!), these will be worth learning to make sure you're not looking in the wrong places.

We're thankful that whatever the changes in the look and menu structure, Microsoft has the sense to maintain the same shortcuts through newer versions of their software.

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