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  1. Powerpoint: Animation

    Because of the festive season and all the pretty decorations to go with it, we are going to look at animation effects and tricks in PowerPoint, including making a light flash.

  2. Paste Special

    This time we want to show you how to use Copy & Paste and Cut & Paste in Special ways.

    Normally when you paste the original is reproduced in every respect, but you can choose to paste in particular ways using Paste Special. For example, you can choose to Paste the text without the formatting, or the formatting but not the text.

  3. Writing a Presentation

    This time we are going to talk about presentation content and writing it in PowerPoint.

    The written content is the most important part of your presentation. Illustrations, colours and animation can make the difference between a good and a great presentation, but they are icing on the cake. (They can also ruin it, but that's another story).

  4. Word: Outline Numbering

     Outline numbering is used in documents that need paragraphs numbered with one style (eg 1, 2, 3...) and sub-paragraphs in another (1a, 1b, 1c....). These might be reports, meeting minutes or legal documents. There are lots of styles to choose from (numbers, letters, roman numerals) but it is often difficult to mix outline numbered sections of your document with sections that are not numbered.

  5. Copying and Moving Text

    This month we are going to look at a subject that you probably think you know well enough, but with the holidays and the hot weather we didn't want to be too taxing, and most people can improve their copy and paste techniques, especially when you need to change settings in a dialog box.

  6. Microsoft Office: Drawing Tools

    This month we are going look at the drawing tools used most often in PowerPoint but available in all the Microsoft Office applications.

    You probably know how to create circles, rectangles and use the other shape tools, but here are some tips and tricks for making it easier.

  7. Outlook: Views

    With e-mail being such an important communication tool, most of us send and receive many messages each day and tend to keep most of them (probably more than we need too). With all this information stored it is important that we can quickly get to the message we are looking for.

    Creating folders (File - New - Folder) is an important part of this, but within each folder we can control the list of messages in many ways by Customizing the View.

    Each Folder has it's own view which can have the following customized:

  8. Excel: Navigation

    We hope you had fun with the Easter eggs in the last tip - this month we'll have a more practical look at Excel.

    Moving around large worksheets can be time consuming, so there follows a list of tricks for jumping around your work.

  9. Easter Eggs

    Welcome to the holiday special edition of Black Swan's Hot Tips.

    For a bit of fun we'd like to show you the 'Easter Eggs' in Excel 97 and 2000.

  10. Word: Tables

     This month we are going to look at some tips for working with tables in Word:

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