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  1. Top 10 Tips for Good Email Communications

    Although there is much to celebrate in modern digital communications, including speed, efficiency and flexibility, it's clear that these methods have arrived with their own set of challenges.

  2. Training Gives 125% ROI

    If you were guaranteed a 125% return on an investment, would you take it?

    This is a great offer, and one that should be snapped up, but you may be surprised to learn that the means of achieving this result is through training. In these tough times, it's all too easy to perceive training as merely cost, without also understanding the direct and indirect measurable benefits of training.

  3. Inspire Your People in Tough Times

    As many in your team experience continued anxieties about the future, how do you break the grip of fear and panic that can develop in a crisis? Can you be a rule-changer? Can you be the kind of leader to lead people out of the wilderness?

  4. Delay Sending Messages in Outlook 2003 or 2007

    It may not have occurred to you, but in the last two versions of Outlook you’ve had the ability to write an email now, but delay sending it until a later time.

  5. Word: Best Practices

    This month we are going to get on our high horse and remind you of some do's and don'ts when using Word.

    This idea was triggered when one of the biggest companies in the country sent us an application form, via email. The way it was put together showed little skill in using Word and tarnished the image of the company.

  6. Excel: Inserting Cut or Copied Cells

    This month we are going to keep it short by looking at a really useful way of moving or copying cells around your Excel spreadsheet.

    You probably know a couple of ways of doing this already, but this technique makes a fiddly process much more straight forward.

  7. Word: Page Numbering

    This month we are going to look at creating special page numbering in a Word document.

    We'll show you how to not number the first page, number the contents and introductory pages separately from the main body and how to use roman numerals instead of normal numbers.

  8. Excel: Error Codes

    This month we are going to look at those funny error codes that you sometimes see in Excel when you've made a mistake, and tell you what they mean.

  9. Managing Your Time

    This month we are going to look at some basics of Time Management. There are never enough hours in the day and sometimes the weather makes things worse so what can you do to avoid being snowed-under?

  10. Office: Working with Office 2007's New File Formats (DOCX, XLSX, etc.)

    This tip might not be instantly useful for you, but make sure you save it for future reference, because you are likely to come across this issue sooner or later.

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