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Easter Eggs

Welcome to the holiday special edition of Black Swan's Hot Tips.

For a bit of fun we'd like to show you the 'Easter Eggs' in Excel 97 and 2000.

Easter Eggs are hidden features within most Microsoft programs that were added by the development team as a bit of fun. Some are just of funky list of the developer's names, but the one's in Excel are playable 'Games'.

To get at the Easter Egg you need to follow a unlikely sequence of commands, which are listed below. It is important to follow the sequence exactly.

The Excel 97 Flight Simulator

  1. Create a new blank workbook.
  2. Press [F5] (the GOTO key) and type in the range X97:L97 and then click OK.
  3. Press [Tab] once - cell M97 should now be the active one.
  4. Hold down [Ctrl]+[Shift] and simoultaneously click on the Chart Wizard button.
  5. After a few moments, you'll be able to fly around using the mouse. Use the left button to accelerate and the right to slow down.
  6. Look out for the 'shrine' where you'll see a list of the Excel developers.

Press [Esc] to get back to work!

The Driving Game in Excel 2000

The instructions for this are really convoluted, but it's worth it once you suceed.

  1. Create a new blank workbook.
  2. Go to the File menu and give the Save As Web Page command.
  3. Select the Selection:Sheet option near the bottom and tick the Add Interactivity box.
  4. Supply any file name and click Publish.
  5. Click on the second Publish button and make sure the Open Published Web Page in Browser option is chosen.
  6. When the file appears in the browser select cell WC2000.
  7. Scroll to the right so that column WC is at the left hand end of the screen. You shouldn't be able to see any other columns to the left of WC.
  8. Click the row number 2000, so you have the whole row selected. If you have done the previous step right, Cell WC2000 should be the active cell on that row.
  9. Now, hold down [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[Alt] simoultaneously and click on the Office logo at the left hand end of the toolbar. (It looks like a small jigsaw).
  10. After a few moments you'll be on the road. Use the arrow keys to steer and accelerate.
  11. When it gets dark, press [H] to turn on your headlights. Slow down cars behind you by dropping oil with [O]. If you are really stressed, and need a clear road, you can shoot at the cars ahead with the [Spacebar].

We hope you have fun.

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