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  1. Businesswomen: Mind Your (Body) Language!

    It is known that there are two body language cues that followers look for in leaders: warmth (empathy, likeability, caring) and authority (power, credibility, status).

    Whilst these characteristics are needed for male or female leaders, gender differences in body language have been observed. Generally, women 'win' in warmth and empathy, but lose out when it comes to power and authority.

  2. Make Your Mobile Device as Secure as Possible

    With increasing use of Laptops and the resurgence of the Tablet PC, using your laptop to work away from your office or on the road is now an integral part of a working life.

  3. February Newsletter

     In this newsletter, we cover some 'coalface' views from experienced trainers on some of the shortcomings of e-learning methods, we're in Southampton next week at the extremely popular Business 2 Business South Show, and we round up some of the key concerns expressed in our 'Cloud' seminar at the North Hants Expo.

  4. We're at the Business 2 Business South Show

    We are at the Business 2 Business Show at the Rose Bowl, Southampton on the 2-3 March 2011. Come and see us there. 

  5. Why Online Training isn't the Finished Article

     Online training is often pitched as the best of all worlds: businesses save money, gain faster results and have less staff 'downtime'... however this is not always the outcome of using e-learning methods.

  6. Meet Black Swan at the North Hants Business Expo

    Come and visit Black Swan at the North Hampshire Business Expo on 8th February 2011. We're at stand 16 in the foyer and are also leading the Cloud Compting seminar at lunchtime. We hope to see you there.

  7. The Four Main Causes of Low Morale in your Employees

    The one key ingredient in all successful tasks is motivation. The enthusiasm of the individuals to commit to, and deliver, the best possible outcome has a direct effect on performance.

  8. December Black Swan Newsletter

    The December Newsletter Covers:

    * How you can make heading style and layout in Word documents effortless

    * How golf illustrates why self-help can be hopeless

    * And we give you some Christmas cheer

  9. Self-Help is No Help at All

    You can spot self taught golf players from a distance. Not for what they wear, but for the way they play the game. They have agricultural swings, unnatural movements and, worst of all, random results.

  10. Make Your Heading Styles Fantastically Efficient

    Have you ever looked enviously at a colleague or, worse still, competitors' document and marvelled at the quality and consistency of the look and feel?

    More often than not, a great document is not about the attention to detail of the author, but the quality of the template it sits on.

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