About Us

Black Swan Training Solutions is an independent training company with the character of a trainer.

The best trainers are naturally helpful, outgoing people, and Black Swan has a "can-do" attitude to match that.

We take pride in our training skills as much as our knowledge of the subject.

Our Training Director

Our training team is led by Laurence Martin. He has been a trainer since 1995 following a career in marketing research.

“I was always the one in the office who knew most about computers and when anyone had a question I loved helping them,” he says when asked how he became a trainer.

A qualified professional with the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Laurence has added to his qualifications with a Trainer’s Certificate in IT and Consultancy Skills in IT Training. His training ability and broad commercial experience make him a partner our clients appreciate because he understands what they do.

The Training Team

Laurence leads a top-class training team of specialists. Each subject area we teach is covered by experienced trainers who are also experts in that field. Once we are confident of their technical knowledge, we make sure they also have the right, helpful, attitude that all our trainers have to have.

Contact Details

Black Swan Training Solutions Ltd
62 New Road
RG21 7PW

Tel: 01256 323223
Fax: 0871 433 5592

A company registered in the UK - number 4587917