Black Swan – Bridging the Gap Between People and IT

We bridge the gap between new IT systems and the people that have to operate them. Many roll-outs of new systems look closely at the hardware and software requirements and leave the people that are going to make it work to their own devices.

We have years of experience of ensuring project success by making sure the people understand the changes and how to do their job using the new processes.

Leadership and Management Training Courses

Strong leaders need a wide range of skills to be effective in the workplace.

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Project Management Training Courses

If you’re looking for the most effective project management training, we’re here to help.

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IT Training Courses

Let the Black Swan training team help simplify the most complicated of softwares and interfaces.

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Talent Management Training Courses

Where talent management used to be an afterthought, or a ‘nice to have’ increasingly senior management see it as essential.

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